Frequently Asked Questions!

Does all Cotton Candy taste the same?
No! There are several varieties of cotton candy flavors available today.
Though, the most popular and common cotton candy is pink and blue.
The pink colored cotton candy is known by the name "Silly Nilly" which taste like vanilla. The blue cotton candy, which is known by the name of "Boo blue" taste like blueberry.
All of the other specialty flavors are reflective of their names.

How much notice do I have to give for my order?
Please keep in mind everything is made fresh to order. Please provide us with a two week notice so we can assure your order is processed, produced and delivered in a timely manner.

Can you come out to our party and make cotton candy for our guests?
If you live in the city of Hollister or the immediate surrounding areas, Yes! For a nominal fee, we will come to your party and make cotton candy for your guests. If you live outside of San Benito County, advance arrangements must be made and additional fees applied.

What is the difference in serving sizes?
The normal serving size is about 2 ounces of cotton candy served in a 24oz container.